Getting Started (It’s Untethered)

You can jailbreak iPad mini and fully enjoy its features without those limitations imposed by Apple.

If you want to get started right away, you’ll need to get the correct tools. You can download them here: Jailbreak Tools

But before you go through it, you should make sure that you understand what “removing of limitations” means when it comes to your device.

  • It cannot break your unit.

Unlike other mobile devices, this unit will not get hurt if you try to remove its limitations. This is because it is heavily locked down in a way that it will not be destroyed if you hook it up to iTunes and remove its restrictions.

  • It is completely legal.

The process may be illegal to phones but not to tablets.

  • It voids the warranty.

It does void the warranty. However, if you reset the device, then it also removes all settings you have previously made to your unit, including removal of restrictions.

Now that you know it is harmless to remove its limitations, what are the benefits of the process?

  • Make your unit dimmer. By removing its limitations, you can make it dimmer than the factory’s default brightness. With this in mind, you are allowing it to run like an eBook reader.
  • Increase speed of your unit. Performing the procedure can turn off some of your unit’s animations, which can then increase your device’s speed. With this simple tweak, you can fully enjoy your unit’s benefits. But you may need a certain app that can further boost its speed.
  • Obtain free apps. Removing this unit’s restrictions will allow you to use free apps that you can download and install. But you must be careful when downloading an app outside Apple store. This is because some of them may cause harm to your unit. Plus, they tend to crash more than those apps found at the official store of Apple.

Unlock Safely

Not all apps that can remove this unit’s restrictions are safe to use. But this program lets you use it without harming your unit. It is compatible with any version. In fact, it can work with the latest operating system of the device. Even if you are not technical-savvy, you can easily unlock your unit without any problem. To check its features, click: Jailbreak Tools

Unlocking this unit allows you to fully maximize its benefits. But you have to make sure that you have obtained the most reliable program on the market.

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Finalizing The Authoring With Final Cut Studio

Before finalizing the authoring in Final Cut Studio, make sure to review what you have made or created.

  • Check the Chapter Markers of your video and make sure that the markers have been set up in way you want them to be.
  • Browse through each of the menu systems of your video to make sure that the image locations have a picture or video.
  • Modify text and visuals if needed. This is to make sure that you have placed the items in their proper places.
  • Make sure that the video clip’s aspect ratio is set up where you want it. The suite has a number of options that you can choose from.
  • Simulate it first before burning. Simulation is located at the bottom of the Burn button. This allows you to go through your project without first burning it.

The last tip is the most important tip in using Final Cut Studio’s DVD Studio Pro as it lets you see how the video would like once it has been burned.

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How To Use Presenter Display

iWork’s Keynote has a lot of great features and one of them is Presenter Display. This feature is especially useful if you are using two displays. Here are some tips that you can use to optimize its benefits.  (It may also work with iPad Mini)

  • Use Customize Presenter Display option if you want to resize objects by simply dragging them.
  • Choose Ready to Advance Indicator if you are using animations on your presentations.
  • Use Build Markers option if you set your slides to appear in bullet points. This option is also useful if your presentation includes images or charts.

To ensure that the Presenter Display only appears on your screen when giving your presentation, you have to modify its preferences by going to Preferences option, click on the Presenter Display tab and tick the “Use alternate display” to view presenter information. During your presentation, you need to choose Play Slideshow. The said feature of iWork’s Keynote will appear on your screen but your audience will not know about it.

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Steps In Configuring Time Capsule As Another Backup Device

Apple allows you to transfer backup data from one Time Capsule to another. Here are the steps:

  1. Configure the new device to work as a home network. You may view how it is done by looking at the documentation file that came with the new device.
  2. Go to System Preferences by choosing Time Machine menu and clicking Time Machine preferences.
  3. Switch it off by sliding it to “Off.”
  4. Open Finder window.
  5. Find the two Time Capsules in the Shared section of the Finder window. If you could not find them, then go to Finder, choose Preferences and click Sidebar. Tick the “Connected servers & Bonjour computers.”
  6. Choose the new device.
  7. Click the Connect As
  8. Enter the password for the new Time Capsule
  9. Mount the device’s volume by simply clicking it.
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 to mount your current Time Capsule.
  11. Open another Finder window.
  12. Click and drag the backup disk image from the current device.
  13. Drop it to the new device.
  14. Open Time Machine preferences.
  15. Choose Select Disk
  16. Highlight new Time Capsule
  17. Click it and choose Use Backup Disk.
  18. Start the backup process.
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